5 Key Factors to Consider When Estimating Custom Software Development Cost

5 Key Factors to Consider When Estimating Custom Software Development Cost

The software has become a driving force for most of the businesses these days. And the software requirement is such a thing that varies from agency to agency. That means if any firm’s need is getting fulfilled by an off-the-shelf program, it doesn’t mean the same type of software will suffice your business requirements as well. Maybe your application gets more visitors on a daily basis or offers more products and services than your rivals. In that case, it makes sense to opt for custom software development. Yes, and if you want to get a rough idea of custom software development cost, it is necessary to shoot the breeze with the most dedicated representative of a top software development agency. Ok? Got it? If yes, let’s dive deep into the next topic, i.e.,

What is the custom software development cost on average?

According to a well-familiar software development company, the total cost of creating customized software varies due to a battery of factors, such as:

  1. Project type
  2. Project size
  3. Project complexity

Still, to let you know how much money you must have in your bank account before availing of customized software development services, we will share some real-world figures right off the bat. For example, working on small-scale projects will set you back by somewhere between $20,000 to $500,000.

What else? A 2019 survey performed by a credible B2B review and rating platform revealed how the average software development cost grew from $3,000 to $60,000 (Source: GoodFirms), indicating the diverse nature of project expenditure out there.

With that understood, now it is time to concentrate on the subsequent matter, i.e.,

5 Main Things You Must Factor in When Predicting Custom Software Development Cost

Project type and app complexity

The experts of a successful software engineering company have said that the type of app you want to create for your entity affects the overall cost to a great extent. Not only that! The number and complexity of the features equally affect the expenses of your software development. The more complex and feature-rich your program is, the more time it will consume during development, eventually translating into cost augmentation.

What’s more? Your customized software development cost also depends on the number of operating systems you want your program to work on. For instance, configuring your software to work on all major platforms, like iOS, Android, and the web, will attract higher costs compared to just one platform.

Design and UX

Do you know that offering the best possible user experience has become imperative nowadays? Yes, that’s true! But why? A unique design and style are things that attract potential customers to your products. And that’s where the role of UI and UX design becomes extremely significant. Take, for instance, you want to form a web application to cater to a huge audience base. In that situation, a gorgeous-looking design could be one of the most instrumental factors influencing its success. Although you will have to invest more time in ensuring a beautiful design of your software, this particular spending will pay off in the long run and help attract a massive number of users to your application. Needless to say, the design you choose will affect your overall software development cost.


The next thing you must grasp today is that the cost of custom software development services is also impacted by the language and technologies used to make them. And the selection of language and technologies is something that depends on your needs and project requirements. A case in point here is that coding in PHP is much cheaper than other programming languages out there. The reason? Well, this technology has remained in the market for years and has gained enough ground so far.

On the other side, JavaScript programming applications are pricier than their other counterparts. Many giants usually tap Java to create heavy and complicated applications, like banking solutions. However, if you want your mobile program to be developed using any other computer language that you like, you can still connect with a top-notch software development services provider on the internet.


Apart from all that you learned above, the type of partnership you pick and the team size you select also affects the final software development cost. These days, outsourcing IT services has become a new trend. In most cases, it has emerged as a smart decision that results in cost savings and convenient cooperation at the same time. Wondering how? Well, this hiring method lets you work with several reputed establishments from all over the world, so you get the best possible professional for your organization.

Although the fees of software development services differ from one nation to another, you can take a wise plunge by employing developers from India instead of the USA, as the former is cheaper than the latter.


The last thing that will contribute to your software development cost fluctuation is testing. Yes, you got that right! The key elements of your app should be tested well in order to leave no room for any errors and ensure the concerned application functions well. Even though such tests may take your software creation spending to the next level, you can rest assured of the stability and convenience of your application.

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Last thoughts

Up until this time, you must have acquired sufficient knowledge of software creation services. Right? So, the next time you are willing to build a product of your own choice, please ensure that you take all the factors into consideration so that you don’t feel compelled to pay the price for your software building that is not meant for your product. Beyond this, if you need any technical assistance to fabricate a virtual product that you like, it is in your best interest to have a casual conversation with a top-tier software development company.