10 Reasons to Choose Laravel For eCommerce Development in 2024

Laravel For eCommerce Development

Ecommerce sector is booming like never before in this digital world, and there is no stopping it. With online shopping, the buyer persona has gained a unique identity around which every aspect of a business revolves.

It goes without saying, but it is a universal fact: online shopping has brought immense benefits to the lives of millions out there and with the burgeoning demand, this trend is set to hustle further in 2024 and beyond.

However, with a colossal amount of e-commerce websites already floating in the market, it becomes imperative for businesses to soak their feet in technology intelligently so users are inclined towards their offerings without being hassled.

Indeed, technology has a pivotal role to play here and makes it seamless for businesses to build a web solution that answers their business objectives exceptionally.

This is where Laravel for eCommerce Development ensures a super smooth journey for businesses to attract a larger audience from wider geographies. If you are still puzzled as to why Laravel has been marked as a solution here, then this blog serves as your guide. Let’s unleash the secret sauce together.

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Top 10 reasons why you should pick Laravel for your next eCommerce project?

It is very obvious for businesses to grow confused and make wrong decisions for their e-commerce web development, as there is not a single technology existing in the market but a flood of frameworks.

In such a chaotic situation, ensuring a successful solution can be a challenge, and this is the reason we have brought you the top reasons why Laravel should be your choice.

Rapid Development Speed

Well, not many of us know that Laravel comes packed with more than 35 libraries and packages. Furthermore, there is strong support for development-related features, enabling developers to build functionalities for websites effortlessly.

Also, Laravel offers high compatibility, a templating engine blade, MVC architecture, artisan, documentation, library manager composer, and CRM capabilities.

Together, these features sum up to give an unparalleled development experience to developers and expedite the development speed to another level.

  • Cybersecurity is prominent

Cyber threats have become a common issue faced by every business website across the world. However, when it comes to e-commerce, cyber security becomes a concern, as there is precious data at stake, and any security glitch can cost their data to attackers.

With millions of customers transitioning online and handling users’ sensitive data, the onus goes to the e-commerce platforms to secure these transactions with utmost responsibility.

This is where Laravel comes for the rescue and ensures the highest security standard with direct usage of PHP code. Its pre-installed libraries do not require SQL files, which can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, it builds immaculate security around PHP code by password encryption through Bcrypt hashing algorithms.

Laravel does not require any third-party tool/language to function and has the capability to work on multiple servers without facing a glitch. This significantly reduces both the development cost for the businesses and efforts in development.

Scalability is a most sought after feature of a business expansion plan, and every business prefers to grow out of bounds. Laravel is a perfect choice for businesses looking forward to scaling higher.

It comes with pre-installed libraries and pre-made packages supporting the functionality to be switched as per the requirement without any hassle involved. This ensures businesses do not have to run from pillar to post to attain scalability in their platforms.

  • Best for concurrent users

During peak seasons, sales, or other occasions, it is evident that an e-commerce solution experiences huge website traffic, and it becomes an issue for the websites to handle such huge visitor traffic, and sometimes it leads to crashes as well.

With the website scaling higher, it is normal for the website to experience larger visitor traffic, and to handle such a crowd, servers need to be strong enough to handle the growing requests.

In such scenarios, Laravel brings the solution and can better handle the growing traffic with a load balancer. Using this framework, businesses can segregate the website traffic across two or more servers and secure connections resulting in reduced load on servers.

Data is a leading factor in e-commerce websites. However, data management and migration becomes a hurdle here due to the huge amount of data which is time-consuming and risk-intensive.

A Laravel development company offers a core functionality of schema builder which ensures data migration takes place without facing any challenge.

As we all know, an e-commerce website is nothing without an engaging UX. To attain such experience, there is a need for consistent testing. Testing ensures that the website is performing up to the mark and has high performance, security, and reliability aspects intact within.

With Laravel, developers get PHPUnit to conduct unit testing and debugging. This enables more efficient testing of the website, reducing both time and cost.

On the other hand, the maintenance with Laravel is also a seamless factor with MVC architecture. It ensures that logic and presentation layers are separated so the changes are implemented without being hassled.

Being a PHP framework, Laravel latches onto the popularity of PHP to a great extent. It enjoys robust support from developers, who are dedicated to making this platform a clutter-free option for development.

As a result, businesses investing in Laravel get a stronger hold on finding solutions that address their business needs.

  • Automated Configuration & Management

Ecommerce platforms require multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously, and some of them are repetitive but important tasks that consume time and effort but cannot be avoided at the same time.

Laravel ensures that e-commerce businesses perform repetitive tasks with a task scheduling feature with automation.

Website indexing and accessibility are the two most prominent factors that decide its success with availability & accessibility to a larger audience. Laravel ensures the building of SEO-friendly URLs so search engines display the relevant content to the right users.

It becomes a blessing for the businesses planning to make their ventures successful with global targeting, as search engines improve their conversion rate.

In a nutshell

The aforementioned reasons are prominent enough to help you understand why Hire Laravel developers and pick this framework as your go-to choice to build your next e-commerce platform.

With the constant advancement in technology, it is expected that Laravel will continue to be in the top position to build a website solution that guarantees speed, security, and scalability for years to come.