2023’s Must-Have Summary Tools Online

Summarizing your write-up can become very time consuming when you don’t know what you add and what to not. Many people forget to mention the critical aspects of their write up. So fret not! Summarizing tool is that you need to convert your long article into a crisp summary.

Using a summary tool has a lot of benefits, for example, it shows your readers what they can expect in your write up. A summary is something that will keep them interested and informed about what is going to come next. So if you want to keep your readers hooked to your article, then you need to find the right summary generator.

However, there are so many AI summary tools available online, which might confuse you more. So we have curated a list of the four mostly used summary tools that are a must-have in 2023.

Let’s check out all of them!

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1. Summarize Bot

Summarize Bot is an ad-free and user-friendly summarizer that provides accurate and quick summaries. This is the best summary tool in our list because it saves time and compresses lengthy content into short summary.

This summary tool also shows the reading time and has other useful features just for you. If you want to summarize your content, you need to add the bot to Slack. This summarize tool can be used in various file types like: jpg, TXT, DOC, mp3, as well as PDF. Moreover, this summary tool also supports various languages.


If you are looking for an all-in-one summarizing tool, then SMMRY has got everything you want in one AI tool. It has advanced settings (URL usage), variety of features, and easy to use design. You won’t be disappointed after using SMMRY because it changes the wordings as per the users needs.

If you wish to upload a file or insert any URL, then this summary tool also has a copy-pasting option. If you get this AI summarizing tool for yourself, then you won’t ever need to edit your lengthy articles. By just adding the URL into the input area, you will get quick results. Also, many users complain that their summary tools contain a lot of ads, but with SMMRY you don’t have to worry because it is completely ad-free.

One more thing! There is no requirement of registration as well!

3. Tools4Noobs

Tool4Noobs is an incredible summarizer! It can easily summarize articles by changing settings as per the user’s requirements. One best thing about this summarizing tool is that users can utilize a function called Threshold function. This function allows you to limit the number of sentences as per the relevance. It also allows you to minimize the summary to a certain length without ruining the summary. In this AI summary tool, you can also find the main keywords and highlight them in the summary.

You need to simply insert the texts or give the URL you want to summarize. This platform is also ad-free. If you wish to support the developers, then you are free to donate some money. Besides, if you are a student, then you can make use of this summary tool which provides calculators, and many other useful tools.

4. Split Brain Summary Tool

Split Brain Summary Tool is another cool AI summary tool in our list that easily allows the users to summarize the articles and texts. Apart from that, it also supports various languages. We did our research and found out that Split Brain Summary Tool has around 39 languages which makes your summary creation quite easy.

One useful feature of this summarizer is that it can produce the difference in summaries with the help of summarization ratio. Users can alter it from 5 percent to 80 percent by controlling the paraphrasing density. Just like Tools4Noobs, you can paste URLs and convert the content into small summaries.

But one disadvantage of Split Brain Summary Tool is that there is no option to export the result to DOC, PDG, mp3, or import a file to any other format. You can complete your task within seconds without any ad pop-ups. Overall, this is one of the best summary tools for students.