AI for Research – How Content Writers Can Learn from the Online Casino Industry

Artificial intelligence is creeping into every industry in 2023, and it’s clear that people need to get used to it or risk being left behind. The online casino industry has already started to integrate AI to its advantage, especially in researching which game genres are most popular among players.

Content writers are unlikely to be replaced by AI any time soon, but they should start learning how to leverage the power of this technology. There are certainly lessons to be learned from the online casino industry in this regard.

Online Slots Markets Rely on AI-Powered Market Research

In the cutthroat world of online casinos, brands need to do everything they can to make their products attractive to players. It’s clear from looking at the list of jackpots at Paddy Power that a vast amount of research has gone into finding out which game genres are the most popular among players. History-themed offerings like Alexander the Great: World Conqueror are listed near the top, with other genres like fishing and western also clearly popular.

Thanks to AI, online casino brands can gather a vast amount of data about player habits and analyse it easily. They can find out what games and genres are the most played and delve into data about how much players spend on them. AI can then recommend what types of titles the operator needs to have available, and even make recommendations about the order they should be listed in.

AI is helping game developers in the same way. Studios behind these slots are now able to get incredible insights about what works and what doesn’t, and then use this information when designing future games.

Content Writers Can Leverage the Power of AI in a Similar Way

When the news of AI writing tools first came about, content writers were concerned about what this meant for their future. A report from Nectafy addressed these concerns, and helped people realise that the technology is a long way off being as good as a human. AI is able to write content, but it’s not good at doing it in an interesting way. In addition to that, it often makes up facts and gets confused about certain things.

AI can be a useful tool for content writers to take advantage of, however. One of the best ways to use it is to come up with topic ideas for articles. You can have a conversation with the AI system and work towards refining the ideas that it generates. Another way that content writers can jump on AI is by using it for research. Of course, as it doesn’t have up-to-date data and often invents things, writers should always double check its claims via search engines. Still, it can provide a great starting off point.

According to The Face, some people are concerned that AI will one day take over the world. It’s hard to say if this will come to fruition or not, but if it does it will be a long way into the future. The technology is most likely to be integrated in various industries and will work alongside people. For that reason, content writers can learn from the online casino industry and start leveraging its capabilities now.